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tv   [untitled]    April 4, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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o a chance to interpret his and i'll teach you how to dance the grisly bear. >> ♪ ♪ out in san francisco where the weather fair they have a dance you called the grisly bear all of the distances don't compare not so but in the morning talk about teddy roosevelt shops and programs for san francisco this is my honey and i'll show you the dance of the grisly bear hug up to close to our baby and what a feel something up close to our lady and do some napping
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something nice is going to happen hug up close to our baby and swing so go to beautifully by doing the grisly bear let's sit down and rest a manipulate honey dear my head feels square i thank you honey and some money where's the man that told me how to do that dance i'll take ottawa change now that i've got my breath come on with our grisly bear hug up close to our baby hypnotize like a widows and snug up close to our lady found
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that dance in heaven shot me tonight at 7 hug up close to our baby you and me we'll do the grisly bear grisly 101 ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hug up close to your baby through shoulder toward the seeping what a feeling something up close to our ready when close to do some napping something nice is going to happen urgent
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care hug up to your baby shout and do the grisly dodo doing the grisly bear. (clapping.) >> thank you sweetie. >> where you growling that was kind of nice i just saw we have emperor nornt arrived expressive i'm impressed having a good time. >> giving our seal of approval. >> this is a wonderful year of celebration. >> we have representatives and guardian of the city that preserve fire history bill come on up and say hi you can see one
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of the engines i'd like to introduce mononeck the director of port of san francisco monique. >> welcome san francisco thank you for coming (clapping.) a hundred years ago that was the spot and it all began in august of 1914 on this very building san francisco had a ship sail from san francisco to new york through the panama canal and the port of san francisco delayed in large letters the panama canal is on and why did that matter it caught 7 thousand miles off of the shipping trip 60 percent if $13,000,000,000 down to $5,000 thousands miles it really was
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truly come pelleted the for the into greatness that held through with world war ii and surrounded by trollies and all kinds of other vehicles that served all the people that came for this great event and one - isn't that perfect timing (clapping.) of course, i'm not the muni director so one of the great things this was the first world fair to welcome the automobile and all kinds of entrepreneurs who created transportation because so many people came that year for the world's fair that we needed new vehicles and one hundred years later driverless vehicles so our history builds over and over again another thing the fantastic tower 20th
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century 2 hundred and 45 feet tall the city argued for one year after the 1906 san francisco earthquake whether to stay what a more fitting place to celebrate a hundred years of greatness then right back here at the tower i want to recognize jim freeing land the crazy steeple guy that hangs off the building curly hair people are crazy an amazing thing he does i don't know if you see many is of the photos but i stood here and watched him i was the tiny bird so thank you jim for making this happen tonight really (clapping.) i want to leave you with one more thing in announcing that the world's fair 0 would be in
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san francisco president taft coincide the phrase san francisco the city that knows how so welcome back the city that knows how thank you (clapping.) oh yeah. and (clapping.) that was relationship roar i like that okay. i hope i can get through to next part without crying about 5 months ago i have a violation to light the affair ferry building of the iconic lights the rows had been in my mind and my grandparents feel in love and skroeltd down market street and saw the light it was in my mind i want to thank the first people i approached who
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embraced that laura address my fin say john he made the great bajdz i hope you're getting so be sure you get one and my long time it friend charlotte and, of course, every enthusiastic said this was a fantastic idea willie brown there he is willie brown yeah. willie willie brown who will be on stage with charlotte shortly and, of course they all shared my incision said it was - make it happen donna go for it i met wonderful new friends renee martin yeah. from did port and jane and phillip and bobby from
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bay crossing and others i said, "yes yes. yes. we wanted to do that the media has been great especially leah and carl from the chronicle and carl i'll bet you're not going to forget you're on the top of the ferry building special thanks to all of you the people that made it happen finally as follows: if you're here please raise your hands we have pier 39 bay crossing michelle and chris the may foundation and auto detect i know your how the i out there the fun family and bernard oh,
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my gosh and the platinum advisors (clapping) and scott from the steering wheel bank and representatives from the steering wheel bank and the can bar in the front row the california history society addressed the website yes adam are you here and jason and all the people i've made my friends with the c h example f and the ferry building and the port of san francisco and now i'd like to introduce you to friend of mine tale of two cities toby that stepped up to the plate with the great donation and made the bay lights and dominated the gift that list the fine arts
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this is one illuminated man and would you like to say a few words oh, okay (laughter). >> actually donna 0rg9d me to say a few words that was a command performance doug go away i have a few things to say about you (laughter) first of all. >> said you'd never tell. >> first of all i wanted to recognize the talents and the effort and the energy that went into this incredible project and obviously the pal lettuce of fine arts and the bay lights i hope you'll be seeing later those are the tlants all i did was write checks that's a lot
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easier believe me i have one other inform comments that is, i was going to wear actually some kind of a attire that was symbolic of the era we're celebrating and thelma stole my outfit so you know i'm sorry i had to be in street cloths otherwise you'd seen me in that ladies and gentlemen, i'm very, very privileged to be here this evening and want to recognize you know two or three of my close friends and people that i think contributed to this throughout our world standing, of course, to the great secretary of state george schultz george by most accountant p of people he
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collectively feel that george should have been president of the united states (clapping.) and he makes the greatest scrambled eggs you can ever image and, of course, the inquestionable charlotte a very, very close friend and companion and wife and charlotte you bring is special gift to san francisco things in san francisco has your imprint. >> thank you on behalf of all of us tonight (clapping) >> how can you describe willie brown. (laughter) it would take too long >> willie (laughter) too long too long. >> i do have to tell you a short story about willie brown
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which is actually a two-story years ago must have been 20 or 25 years ago when willie was speaker of the house i hadn't met him and 50e78gd i hadn't accomplished much in my life as yet but had the honor of introducing willie i don't know if you remember the function but i caught up to him and said speaker brown could you give me assistance how would you like me to refer to you and he said your worship would be fine (laughter) so your worship i've continued to use that you're a wonderful man and yaeths e emission to my life the one thing i want to say
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at the outset i get hypnotized by donna's dress that is party time in san francisco yeah. >> okay. (clapping.) >> and for the past year we've been celebrating of the hundred anniversary of the panama exhibition we've heard about it from donna and clearly it is wonderful edifice behind me is an example as well as the pal list of fine art we're graergdz e craig's our party lights with this we've had a wonderful show at the time pal list of the lights i've not seen that look more beautiful and then today you know we - >> listen i'll i tell you i
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spent half my life trying to satisfy donna with her financially ingress so no way this is a wonderful, wonderful occasion i'm privileged to be here i think that what we're going to see i don't know exactly what we're going to see but mayor ed lee oh, my god you came this is you're showing i know anyway i've introduced the other people of title so i thank you for the opportunity to have you stand mayor ed lee and give you a hand of applause okay (clapping) you know collect for that so i think i've extend my time limit that was two minutes and actually, i think i've gone 2 minutes and 30 seconds all i
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want to say at this point is it's party time okay. >> (clapping.) goodbye thank you all right. >> thank you, again, for your generosity i know you already met jim fte land i have to give my special thanks to one of the most charming men and one of the most daring he hijacked me took me up to the top i wasn't someplace i was supposed to be i want you to give him cheers with his son here tonight and wife he's a dear friend of mine and i really, really do love him (clapping) >> i want to invite my long time friend someone that needs no
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introduction count of thousands of hours of her time to make san francisco and the bay area a better and certainly a more fun place charlotte schultz. >> you stay right here. >> okay. now (clapping) >> you know more about this than anybody this is your second life you came back this is the jewel city it is called that so okay standing in front of you right here is the jewel of san francisco of this centennial when mayor ed lee asked me to go and ask donna to be the law son i image i guess you can image in you know donna the enthusiasm yes let's go for it i don't know, there is any part of donna it's not enthusiastic so she's
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the crown jewel the necklace of the people putting this celebration together and tale of two cities knows that nobody can say no to depositing in a is a matter of fact you said your parents fell in love here grandparent echo now tell me about this defy guy that give you a ring. >> first of all he's not here not because anything happened (laughter) he's a panama pacific collector and handsome and secret and loves charlotte and loves laura and willie and san francisco he also in los angeles. >> boo. >> but he's moving up here. >> yeah. >> and he gave me a ring based
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on a souvenir ring figured out where to get it duplicated hose the charmer emulsifying to love him charlotte i should have asked you first it was a surprise it happened so facht and charlotte you're like a sister to me we've know each other a 4r07g9 and we're both libras. >> explicit you like that romance. >> now there's another person that is around here that had something to do with a lot of things around here a person that restored a lot of things the ferry building and restored did city hall was rasp when the opera house was restored and built itself library and doesn't knows why he hadn't restored us
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anyway that man is willie brown the former mayor of san francisco come on up here couldn't you have restored us. >> i'm working on it. >> your a little bit late (laughter) not unusual for me and this ferry building was the first place that 18 million people came for the fair in 1915 and one of the first places they came to was the ferry building and here's the lights saying welcome to san francisco and we're going to light it during the earthquake it was one of the buildings that stood up to it but you restored it when you were mayor was did you user do to it. >> put up more bars or what (laughter). >> i inherited the responsibility to finish. >> do we know how to do that.
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>> i 4er7b9d the responsibility to 23ish was of the started by mayor's that proceeding e proceeded we and the challenge to do it with it's historical significance at the forefront and not have it 2ur7d into was it has become something that no one would recognize and overloading we did it collectively and doing it was a great challenge and the private sector stepped up and put up lots of of the money. >> did you know todd i didn't and i didn't i would have all of his money as a matter of fact, i hardly knew donna it was a great, great opportunity and the sends of san francisco included included at the time mayor ed
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lee he was running one of the department to make sure this facility happened and believe it or not the first office i had was city hall i stopped be many the ferry building. >> did you say rent. >> i find out i couldn't afford it (laughter) >> you know the first one i see in san francisco is when you looked at market street when you were mayor you tried to restore market street as ever mayor did. >> yes. i think the collection of us did reasonably well until 5th street and now it is up 6th street and going all the way to van ness avenue and doing one hell have a job i walk it now in peace (clapping.) what we're supposed to do i
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believe yourself that wondering why we're up here. >> i believe they 23gd we're going to get the mike one way or another but charlotte you'll have what's been done and when i was out at the palace of fine arts hanging out with tale of two cities and the other people i was frankly amazed people thought donna was half the original. >> you really restored her and she was so authentic she know about what actually occurred it was like she was telling the story of let's say one the events you actually put on over the last thirty years of your involvement that with the city it was incredible in which the way it was laid and she
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impressed the bar. >> she brought it back and when they come came to all avenue united states talking about up until the time up the lights in 1915 with the ferry it was a challenge lots of money she did it. >> i feel i've got to tell you when she called me and said i've got the money wow, i took the call nornl i don't take the call. >> anyway we were talking about market street how the mayor ed lee has restored like you did making market street work so you can look at the ferry building keep lighting up market street he's here hocking to light this place up. >> i think that's the reason we
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ought to give him that opportunity. >> do i want to say imagine about him. >> not together. >> mayor ed lee everything this is all those wonderful things we talk about doing in san francisco he's so supportive in come ration overtime we've gone to him he's there and he's the person that lighting up this city and tonight are you ready to light up this building there. >> all right. mayor ed lee would you commissioner president illig please join us and have words and i'm sure that donna will start to come. >> ladies and gentlemen, mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) okay. >> wow. charlotte and willie or on the they wonderful yeah. (clapping) tale of two cities and donna
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thank you very much so for your support we're doing this and thank you to the california historical 10esh9 and they've been wonderful we've had a great exhibit and still on the rest of the year the pal list of fine arts how's everybody are you ready for new lights well, gosh what a wonderful time in the city wildfire been taxing about the bay 4r89s and how wonderful to brought a refreshing look at the city and people from other than the world are coming to see the bay lights i'm glad that money was rates and tale of two cities thanks to you and the people the private sectors joined the public sector and really willie lewis brown and together gosh so see those numbers 1915 on the feedback
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ferry building is exciting my thoughts what were the innovators of that time one hundred years ago thinking about how were they moving themselves of themselves and ultimately talking to each other how this city will be successful they had 80 be looking at the future that was the world's fair was about taking the nomination at that time the telephone and transatlantic calls or the invention of the so or so many other things and tlooift u tloouft and allowing people that virtual that thanks to the ferry building and the city government and private donors i went or the loma linda earthquake
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approximately side was kroekd for a long, long time and the clock that was a exchange to get this tower so i'm ready to turn on the switch about but before i do that i want to advise charlotte and whistling when it comes to restoring people there's an app for that laura already are we getting ready. >> i want charlotte willie and tale of two cities to come up here you're going to pull this golden type switch jim urge to keep he will coma on up and pull the switch and our wonderful fire chief no, no we're going to do the count down come on everybody we're going to give a count down come on get ready
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all right. jim you have to stand in the front come on jim okay. now is everybody up here are we ready malcolm i see you out there okay. all right. we're going to start a count down from 10 jim from 10 >> 10. >> who's got their hand on the switch okay start the count down public utilities 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, yeah. (clapping) it's more beautiful than i ever imaged do you love it and now that